EpiCentre Students

Postgraduate Supervision - PhD



Alicia Coupe

Project name: Toxoplasma gondii in the marine environment
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Funding agency: School of Veterinary Science Doctoral Scholarship + DOC Funding


Milan Gautam

Project name: Epidemiology, economics and control of ovine Johne’ s disease in New Zealand
Country of origin: Nepal
Funding agency: New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship 


Arata Hidano

Project name: Development a cost-effective approach to the elimination of bovine tuberculosis among livestock in New Zealand.
Country of origin: Japan
Funding agency: JASSO (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan) .


Jun Hee Han

Project name: Establishment of eradication scheme of Bovine Viral Diarrheoa in New Zealand
Country of origin: Republic of Korea 
Funding agency: Massey Doctoral Scholarship


Katja Isaksen

Project name: What makes a working farm dog excellent?
Country of origin: Norway
Funding agency: Massey University 


Sabrina Greening


Project name: Epidemiology and evolution of pathogens in livestock networks.
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Funding agency: .The New Zealand Biological Heritage National Science Challenge.


Mary van Andel

Mary van Andel

Project name: Novel applications of new animal demographic and animal movement data sources for enhancing investigation and management of exotic disease outbreaks.
Country of origin: South Africa
Funding agency: Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand and CEBRA (Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis)


Aaron Yang

Project name: Veterinary Studies of Bovine Digital Dermatitis in Pasture-based Dairy System in New Zealand.
Country of origin: People’s Republic of China.
Funding agency: MPI, DairyNZ. 


Yuni Yupianai

Yuni Yupiana

Project name: A Study of Leptospirosis Vaccination in Dairy Cattle.
Country of origin: Indonesia.
Funding agency: Sustainable farming fund, Agmardt, NZVA, Massey University, Wairarapa Veterinary Club, NZAID, ZOETIS, MSD and Virbac .


Postgraduate Supervision - Master

Sam Bolton

Project name:Pilot trial of accelerometry as a means to detect efficacy of osteoarthritis treatments in dogs.
Country of origin: New Zealand 
Funding agency: Lintbells


Ashley Morgan

Project name:.
Country of origin: USA
Funding agency:.


John Moffat

Project name:.
Country of origin: New Zealand
Funding agency:.


Ammie Sagarasaeranee


Project name:.The effect of climate on the growth of the Facial Eczema disease and its etiological spores.
Country of origin: Thailand.
Funding agency: OCSC, Thailand.

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